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Clifford Young Jr.

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Christian Soul: Foundation Principles of Faith

Soul...Soul food? Soulmate? Soul train? Maybe...
Soul seems to involve creation, imagination, connection, animation.
You know it when you see it.

Soul is the very essence of a person when reflecting his/her Source, connecting with others. Soul makes words jump off the page and dance. Soul animates folks near and far, sets toes tapping, hearts jumping, minds spinning. (Genesis 1)

Soul seems to require the right connection in order to discover its gifts. Cliff Young has that connection: In music, yes - he sets a choir on fire, piano keys dance when Cliff comes out to play. When he proclaims the Word, soul echoes in every other soul in the house. And there is a soul in his home- just get yourself invited over for 'black spaghetti'.

Cliff sings loud and proud with praise - connecting us to our Source. And now here he comes bringing a book and his soul with him: animating holy words, bringing them to life, awakening our own souls.

So sit back and let your soul have a read, connect, and reflect your Source. See the images come forth. Let your life be animated by these good words from my 'son', brother, and friend.

Now get ready for some soul because Clifford Young Jr. is in the house!

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