Simeon and Anna's Faith

Luke 2:28-31 So when Mary and Joseph came to present the baby Jesus to the Lord as the law required, Simeon was there. He took the child in his arms and praised God, saying "Sovereign Lord, now let your servant die in peace, as you have promised. I have seen your salvation, which you have prepared for all people."

As we are in this series of studying the faith of the saints, I'd like to share part of a play that two of our members have been writing for a Christmas event, originally planned for last year. We hope to present the entire production in December. In the meantime, please consider and enjoy these thoughts from Simeon and Anna.


I was raised in a good Jewish family. My parents taught me well. I have always loved reading the scriptures and my mother taught me the importance of prayer. As a young man I spent many hours with the Rabbi, studying and learning God’s word. Although I never felt called to become a Rabbi myself, I became closer and closer to God the more I studied and prayed and simply listened to his voice.

Most Jews were looking for a political Messiah who would bring independence to Israel and deliver us from bondage to the Romans. But I knew the Messiah would be more than that. He would be our Savior and would deliver people in all nations from the bondage of sin.

As I was reaching the end of my life I prayed that the Lord would allow me to see the Messiah with my own eyes before I met death. When Mary and Joseph came to the Temple that day, the Holy Spirit turned my attention to them and my eyes locked with Mary’s. I knew immediately that the tiny baby in her arms was the Messiah I had prayed for! Before we spoke a word Mary could see in my face that I knew how special her child was and she allowed me to hold him. I looked into the face of God with my own eyes! I never expected that the Christ would come as a tiny baby but I had no doubt that this little one had come to bring Salvation to the world!

When I handed the beautiful child back to Mary I had to tell her what I knew. Your son will face opposition, and it will cost you both greatly. It will be like a sword piercing through your own soul. She held her son tightly and tears filled her eyes. Neither of us could have imagined the pain that was to come for them both.


Just as Simeon had prayed that the Messiah would come, I too had spent many days worshiping God through fasting and prayer, waiting for the coming Messiah. And finally our waiting was over! I told everyone who would listen that the Messiah had come! What a blessing for this old woman to be able to tell the world in my last years on earth that the Messiah had come not just for the Jews, but for every living soul.

Even as darkness deepens around your current world, Jesus has promised that He will come again. And so I pray that the Lord will touch your heart and that you will continue my work. Tell the world that the one who will save them from their sins, Jesus, is coming again and He wants to take you with Him to our eternal home where we will live forever in the Holy presence of God.



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